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Tips and Tricks

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Adding expenses

  • Get into the habit of entering expenses when they happen – if you’re in a hurry, you don’t need to fill in all the details- just log the amount spent. You can always review and add more detail later.
  • Another quick way to add an expense is from the currency converter view. Whenever you’re looking up an amount, you can just tap on a figure in the right hand column to enter it as an expense.
  • Of course, you can type in the amounts for your expenses too – use the add expense button on the dashboard and tap on either the local currency or home currency field to do so. The other field is filled automatically as you type, (so it acts like an instant currency converter too).

Currency converter

Spend a few moments learning the swipes and gestures used in the currency converter: its been designed to allow you to find numbers really quickly without having to type: handy when you’re standing in a shop, haggling in a market or walking down the street.

  • Swiping up and down increases or decreases amounts by single increments.
  • Swiping left and right multiplies or divides the amounts by 10.
  • Tapping an amount on the left side column drills down to a smaller increment, so you can find an exact number.
  • The refresh icon top right resets the converter to default values.

Expense categories

  • Using expense categories (e.g. Accommodation, Transport etc.) will give you useful feedback on where your budget is going, and help make comparisons between trips.
  • When allocating a category to an expense, tap on the category icon to quickly enter the expense under the overall group, e.g. Accommodation. Or, tap on the category text next to the icon to reveal more detailed categories, e.g. Hotels, Hostels etc.
  • You can also add your own expense categories and payment types to customise Travelbug for your needs. Go for as much or as little information as you like – it’s up to you.


  • If you’ve created more than one trip, you can then combine them together in a ‘multi trip’ view to see stats on your total spending.
  • You might like to use the same approach to break down a longer trip within the same country, for example to portion off budget for a particular aspect of the trip e.g. attending a special event, visit to a themepark etc. just create a new trip for each portion you want to track, and bring them together with the ‘multi trip’ function.
  • Likewise, you could create a trip for each calender month, then combine them in the Multi Trip view to see the bigger picture.

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