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How can I backup my data?

The best way is to make sure that iCloud backup is on – go to settings on your device (not settings in Travelbug) and select the iCloud option. Scroll down and check if the Backup option is on. If so this will automatically back up your data when the device is plugged in, locked and connected to Wi-Fi. Then if you get a new device you can restore it from this backup, and all your Travelbug data will appear on the new device.

Subscribers can also backup their trips to iCloud individually. This also allows you to transfer them between your devices if you have more than one. You can only transfer trips between devices that are signed into the same Apple ID.

Will Travelbug sync my data between my iPhone and my iPad?

Yes, but you'll need to buy a subscription.

Can anyone else see my expenses data?

Anything you put into Travelbug is only visible to you. It is stored on the device and in your iCloud account if you use iCloud backup or Sync.

Can i stop the adverts appearing in Travelbug?

Yes - buying a subscription will remove the advertising for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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