Travel Money Manager.

Make your travel money go further, so you can too.

Make your travel money go further, so you can too.

Easily track your expenses while you're on the road


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Our Story

We love to travel, but have a limited budget. Sound familiar?

Starting the journey

As we stepped on that plane in March 2014, we couldn't wait to start our adventure. We'd been saving hard, and making plans until finally, the start of our big trip was here.

But, having quit our jobs, we had limited funds to make those dreams a reality. We knew we needed to keep a close watch on what we spent.

Keeping track of spending can be difficult enough when you're at home, but when you're on the road it gets even harder.

We tried lots of budgeting apps but none quite hit the spot - so we decided to create our own, and test it on the road.

Building something special

Since then, we’ve seen some fabulous places, met some great people and learnt a lot - and we’ve built Travelbug.

It's designed to be simple to use and flexible enough to deal with any travel plan. And to save you money - because if you're anything like us, you want to make the most of every penny.

By tracking our spending, we made the budget we hoped would last a year last over 18 months.

That's 50% more sunsets, 50% more adventures, 50% more memories.

Make the most of your travel money with Travelbug.

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